Pro Kiteboarder Damien LeRoy on the Pro

Pro Kiteboarder Damien LeRoy on the Pro

A nice north swell came rolling in and I happened to have just got this new Imagine board from a great friend corky.  This was my first day on it, as I had been riding a 10’0 and this is a 9’0 performance machine.

It was unreal, I felt like I was on my short board ripping turns.  It was so fast and I literally could turn on a dime! It would catch me off guard as a few times I got tossed off the board just because I was not ready for it to turn so fast. It was unreal how early I could catch the waves and how agile the board was I blew the fins out and aired of the lip, Things I have never done before…..
It was a day to remember in beautiful Florida….  Can’t wait to put some time on this machine……

Damien LeRoy

“2011 Slalom World Champion”

We should probably point out that Damien is sponsored by Cabrinha Kites, Gopro, Npx, Corner five surf co, The black dog, Costa sunglasses and Lynch associates. After all, they do pay his way!

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