Polyethylene expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity, both during the molding process, and afterwards in the field. Actual dimensions can vary from those shown in the specifications chart during the molding process and/or exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Because of the blow molding process, some variation from these numbers is normal. These variations are not covered by the warranty.

Polyethylene boards can deform in even mild heat if pressure is applied to the hull. Changes in rocker - "drooping" from being stored on its hull, or "banana-ing" from being stored upside down, or denting from sitting on a hard object are all possible, and are not covered by warranty. Any opening into the board, such as hatches and drain plugs, need to be maintained. Gaskets and silicon seals wear over time, including the time between when the board was originally made, and its first use, and should be checked. Imagine is not responsible for the maintenance of any seals, and these are not covered by the warranty.

Imagine reserves the right to change any models, including the addition or removal of any model, or changing of the dimensions and manufacturing specifications, without any obligation to upgrade any existing boards on the market.

At Imagine Surf, we stand behind our products. All Imagine boards are warrantied for a period of one year against defects in manufacturing to the original owner. All Imagine paddles and accessories are warrantied for 30 days and fiberglass boards for 30 days against defects in manufacturing.

Warranty Info