Dave Kalama joins Imagine Surf

Dave Kalama

Dave Kalama, along with friend and fellow waterman Laird Hamilton, re-introduced the ancient Hawaiian sport of stand up paddling to the public in the mid-1990s. Dave is a Hawaiian waterman who comes from a lineage of surfing champions. He began as a world champion windsurfer and has evolved into one of the premiere big-wave riders of our time. He is also one of the pioneers of tow-in surfing and, most recently, stand up paddle surfing and racing.

Since his early days in big wave surfing, windsurfing and especially in stand up paddling, Dave has constantly worked with the top shapers in the world to design the highest performance and quality boards. Dave has years of experience designing and shaping his own boards and is excited to expand it into a full line at Imagine.

The Story


Each wave ridden, each lake explored and each river conquered tells a fun story. We at Imagine Surf are lucky enough to be part of that wave, lake and river. We are lucky enough to be part of that story. Simply put, we make things that help write the story. But these are not anything kind of things. These are good things. These are things dreamed up by the human mind and handcrafted by the human hand whose sole purpose is to have fun. At Imagine, we can’t think of a better reason to design, test and build things if not to have fun. For 2014, we present a bunch of things that will allow you to have as much fun as possible on the water.

Imagine SUP Boards

We have built a bunch of things to help everybody to experience and enjoy
this great sport and lifestyle we call paddle boarding. We do not measure ourselves by the size of our line or the complexity or variety of these things we build, but by how much fun these things are to use and how many people we can introduce this fun lifestyle to. This is the reason we say we don’t just make paddle boards, we make paddleboarders. We hope to see you on the water.