Stand Up Boards


The updated Kalama Rocket once again shoots to the front of the pack. Dave knows a thing or two about speed and board design. The Rocket will not disappoint. More


Taking the last 10 years of Dave Kalama’s downwind experience and experimentation, Imagine has released the ideal downwind board. More


Paddle Machine. If you have been looking for a flatwater board that’s fast and stable, the Mission is for you. More

Siren Mission

Designed for women, this board is at home in both flat water and in the surf. Efficient and easy to paddle, this board turns tricks while turning heads. More


This is a board for your core workouts, to entertain the family and for the weekend adventure including stroking onto a few waves. More

Siren Crossover

Designed visually for women and offered in the perfect size the Siren Crossover is what women have been asking for. More


Dave Kalama’s ultimate all-around design, the Recruit is the most stable and versatile planning hull on the market that still surfs like a performance board if you have the skills. More

Siren Recruit

Dave Kalama’s ultimate all-around design in a color way and size designed for the ladies. The Siren Recruit is wide and stable, boosting confidence for even first time users, but it is still small enough to handle in and out of the water. More


If you prefer high performance surfing with a longboard style feel and like a board that rolls from rail to rail, then sets up for powerful bottom turns, top turns, and cutbacks, then you will love the Fluid. Just the right amount of rocker, outline and volume distribution. More


Working with short board surfers who wanted the same performance from their SUP as they got from their regular boards, Dave has come up with a radical wave killer. More


From yoga enthusiasts and sun-seekers to kids at play, the Surfer is the ultimate board for anyone just getting into stand up paddling. More


The Fit is the ultimate fitness and touring machine. The uncluttered standing area, allows the Fit to be super-versatile for racing, touring, or recreational use. More


It’s rewarding when every time you take a stroke, you feel the board accelerate. The Speeder is our fastest sub-race class design, made using blow molded polyethylene. More


Can one board do it all? We think so! From simple evening paddles after work, to multi day expedition paddles down the coast, exploring bays and estuaries, this SUP has you covered. More


Building on the Wizard platform, the Angler has an additional 4 fishing mounts, two rod holders, and 2 drag anchor cleats. More

Compressor Recruit

Super durable, super light, super easy to store and travel with. When one thinks about the convenience an inflatable board offers, the obvious benefits would be for those living in apartments or yachts where space is at a premium, or folks not wanting to worry about bashing their boards into rocks when running rivers. More

Compressor Mission

Mission Airvolution Super durable, super light, super easy to store and travel with. The Compressor Mission is a fast, stable inflatable board with the ability to travel anywhere! The Compressor Mission’s stable design and comfortable standing deck makes it perfect … More

Compressor Angler

Angler Airvolution The Compressor Angler brings all of the clever design features of our blow molded Angler and wraps it up in the packability of an inflatable board. This board will truly allow you to explore pristine lakes and rivers … More

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