Transport Wheels


wheels-wheelieThis clever little wheel snaps in and out of any longboard finbox in a second, so you can transport any SUP to and from the water effortlessly.


wheels-duelieThe Duelie is the bigger more stable version of the Wheelie. The wider footprint makes the board more stable when pulling it over uneven terrain.


Surf leash

leash-surferEveryone wipes out no matter how good you are. In fact, if you’re not wiping out, you’re not surfing hard enough. We made a strong, comfortable leash so you can take spectacular wipeouts all day long. Thick padded ankle cuff, 7mm cord and wide rail saver will keep you and your board safe, no matter how hard you bail! 7′ and 10′ lengths.

Fin Range

Plastic Center Fins

We have a range of center fins for all of our boards that have our easy snap-in, tool-free system. All our composite boards come standard with FCS side fins and one of our snap-in center fins.

fin-rubber1. Rubberized IM-C performance fin

fin-surf2. Surfing fin for longboard style surfing

fin-race3. Race fin for top speed paddling

Kalama RTM Fins

Dave Kalama has designed a balanced range of performance RTM honeycomb fins to suit the needs of the most discerning paddler. Use the DK1 as a thruster set up on the Snap, or combine the DK1 and DKS side fins for a quad set up on the Snaps. The DK1 side fins and 7 inch center fin work great for the Fluids if you are looking for more drive and hold. Or if you prefer to loosen the Fluid up go with the 7inch center fin and DKS side bites. The DK 9 inch center fin combined with the DKS is the combo of choice for the Recruits and Crossovers. The DK 10 inch center fin is a great all round downwind and racing fin for the Rockets and Connectors offering good speed as well as tracking characteristics, yet when it gets up on the plane will surf great.

fin-rubber1. DK 1- Thruster and Front Quad Fins

fin-surf2. DK S- Side Bites and Rear Quad Fins

fin-race3. DK Center Fins (7, 9, 10 Inch)