Compressor Angler

Angler Airvolution

The Compressor Angler brings all of the clever design features
of our blow molded Angler and wraps it up in the packability of
an inflatable board. This board will truly allow you to explore
pristine lakes and rivers and get your fish on!

Front and rear gear bungee. Towing eye. Center, side, nose and
tail handles. Clever kick-up rear skeg for shallow water paddling.
Leash d-ring. Multiple strategically placed rail d-rings allow
for multiple gear set up like cool boxes or fishing crate.
3 fishing rod mounting blocks. Full deck pad. A final touch,
the storage bag has comfy backpack straps as well as wheelies
to allow you to pull it through the airport or down the pavement
on your next SUPventure.

Board Specs


11’ X 35” X 8” – 336 LTR

Best for:

Fishing, Touring, Expedition



Imagine is making our inflatable boards in our own factory. This is the same factory that has been making yachting sails, Windsurf sails, Kiteboarding Kites, wetsuits, bags etc for the last 25 years. We know what quality is and we have invested heavily in the inflatable technology and take great pryde in the fact that we oversee each step of the manufacturing process. For 2014 we use a technology called drop stitch where hundreds of thousands of threads connect the deck to the bottom of the board. We use an additional layer of material on the deck and bottom and reinforcing on the rails. This allows the boards to be pumped up to 17 psi making them extremely stiff for an inflatable product.

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