Fun, Fast, Simple

The Fit is the ultimate fitness and touring machine. The
uncluttered standing area, allows the Fit to be super-versatile for
racing, touring, or recreational use. The plum bow and effcient
hull design slice through the water, giving the Fit excellent glide.
Full deck EVA pad ,front deck bungee, four carry handles and the
snap in race fin all come standard making the Fit a great value
package. Blow molded polyethylene. Available in 3 colors:
Green, Yellow, and Orange.

Board Specs


11’ X 30” X 8”, 280 Liters. 56 lbs

Best for:

Fitness, Racing, General Recreation



Our plastic boards are extremely durable, perform great and have great outfitting features in an affordable price range. They are hollow boards constructed similar to a plastic kayak, and tend to be heavier than epoxy or in inflatable boards. There is a reason that plastic is the number one material for all kayaks on the water- it paddles great and withstands years of use at a great price. Our plastic boards are made using a complex blow molding process that allows us to use 20% post consumer recycled content and form a 100% recyclable product. We like this, and so does the ocean.

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