Siren Recruit

All-Around Perfection for Women

Dave Kalama’s ultimate all-around design in a color way and
size designed for the ladies. The Siren Recruit is wide and stable,
boosting confidence for even first time users, but it is still small
enough to handle in and out of the water.

Dave has introduced hundreds of women to the sport of SUP over
the last decade and this is his board shape and size of choice.

Thanks to its progressive rocker and thinned out nose and tail,
the Siren Recruit paddles and surfs like a charm. This is not a
watered down Surf shape but a high performance stable all
around design that will not disappoint. Crocskin full deck pad,
comfy-grip handle, windsurf rig ready and tuf-skin pressure
molded Intec construction makes the Siren Recruit a great all
around board.

kalamaperformance Intec

Board Specs


10 ’ 2” X 32”, 167 Liters, 28 lbs

Best for:

General Recreation, Easy Sur ng,
High Performance Sur ng



All epoxy boards at Imagine Surf are built at Cobra, the industries most respected and leading board builder. The 2014 Siren Recruit is built using our vacuum molded Intec construction. We use a pressure fused heat sealed lightweight EPS foam core which is laminated and pressure molded to the exact dimensions of Dave Kalama’s design. We use a combination of glass layers top and bottom and wood in the standing area. Additional layers of glass are added to the rails and in the standing area to provide additional strength in the high impact areas.

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