Down Wind

Taking the last 10 years of Dave Kalama’s downwind experience
and experimentation, Imagine has released the ideal downwind
board. Just the right amount of volume, unique nose entry, rocker
and rail shape make the Connector forgiving, yet fast. A subtle
touch having Dave’s mantra “Breath & Reach” located just
in front of the feet reminds you that you are riding the ultimate
thoroughbred racing machine.

Crocskin full deck pad allows for maximum foot work, comfy-grip
handle for effortless carrying. Full Custom Intec construction
make the Connector a durable, light and stiff sled.

kalamaperformance Custom Intec

Board Specs


14’ X 29.5”, 293 Liters, 27 lbs
14’ X 27”, 269 Liters, 26.5 lbs

Best for:

Downwind Paddling and Racing



All epoxy boards at Imagine Surf are built at Cobra, the industries most respected and leading board builder. The 2014 Connector is built using our Custom Intec construction. Each board is cut on a precision CNC machine following the exact dimensions of Dave Kalama’s design. The Connector is then hand glassed and vacuum bagged using a carefully considered combination of glass layers and epoxy resin to provide a stiff, light AND durable board. We have added additional glass on the rails and wood in the standing area to provide strength and impact resistance. The Connector is a high end construction designed to help you win races and withstand many miles of use and abuse training for these races dishes out.

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