Short Board Aggressive Surfing

Working with short board surfers who wanted the same
performance from their SUP as they got from their regular
boards, Dave has come up with a radical wave killer. Smack
the lip, spray your buddies, and then do it again and again.
Super drive, amazing speed and aggressive off the back foot
turns and vertical reentries. The Snap is the answer for the more
aggressive surfer looking for a quick and responsive SUP. Kalama
Performance in every design detail.

Chopping-block super grippy full deck pad with foot brail tail
Kick lets you know your feet are in the right spot. Comfy-grip
handle. Full Custom Fluxcore wood sandwich construction offers
the ideal weight to impact strength and also offers amazing flex.
The Snap line of boards are high end wave performance SUP’s.
5 fin FCS fin boxes. Ride it as a quad if you are looking for drive and
squirt, or a thruster if you prefer the stability and predictability
that a center fin provides.

kalamaperformance Custom Fluxcore

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Board Specs


9’ 6” X 29” X 4”, 130 Liters, 18 lbs
8’ 10” X 28.25” X 4”, 109.8 Liters, 17.5 lbs
8’ 2” X 28” X 3.75”, 96.6 Liters, 17 lbs

Best for:

Performance Surfing



All epoxy boards at Imagine Surf are built at Cobra, the industries most respected and leading board builder. The 2014 line of Snap’s are built using our Custom Fluxcore construction. Each board is cut on a precision CNC machine following the exact dimensions of Dave Kalama’s design. The Snap is then hand glassed and vacuum bagged using a carefully considered combination of glass layers and epoxy resin to provide a light, responsive AND durable board. Full deck and bottom wood lamination provides ideal flex and impact resistance. We have added additional glass on the rails to provide strength and impact resistance. The Snap line of boards are a high end construction designed to provide the best performance money can buy.

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