Performance River Running

This is the next generation of radical whitewater SUP design. While it does not offer the initial stability and ease of the Rapidfire, the Spitfire will allow you to take your whitewater SUP to a whole new level. The increased maneuverability, responsiveness and volume of this design means you can run harder rapids with more precision.

Carbon kevlar construction.

Board Specs


9’ X 35” X 11.7’ – 327 LTR

Best for:

White Water, General Surfing


Composite Construction

For our line of 2013 epoxy boards, Imagine will be working with the industry’s proven manufacturing leader in composite construction. We have invested countless amounts of time and energy working with a dedicated quality control and production team to ensure we bring the best possible boards to market. We are super proud to announce that will be offering wood sandwich and AST construction. Every Imagine epoxy SUP is made to the most exacting standards so you always get the very best.

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